Successful even in times of crisis with real estate.

The Corona crisis has long since reached the real estate market. This raises the interesting question of whether a real estate agent or a real estate investor is actually one of the winners or the losers of this crisis. Surely one or the other private property owner will defer his sales plans for the time being, and tenants will usually only move in the middle of the crisis when it is inevitable. In the retail business, therefore, some orders could be lost for real estate agents. On the other hand, after the Corona pandemic, a catch-up effect is to be expected, because removals and sales are currently only postponed.

Covid-19 changes the real estate market sustainably
Real estate agents and real estate consultants must be prepared for the fact that the real estate market will not return to pre-crisis conditions before the Corona Pandemic. Many commercial properties will be vacant and will put pressure on prices. On the other hand, demand for housing is expected to increase. This is not primarily because the time of tight mass housing will end in some industries and housing will be needed for many workers. It is also because more and more companies are beginning to realize that the switch to Home Office has been quite beneficial and they do not want to turn the wheel back. The laptop on the kitchen table may have worked as an improvised short-term solution, but this is certainly not a permanent solution. As a result, demand for larger apartments with study will increase.

Who are the winners of the Corona crisis?
The Corona Pandemic is increasing the supply of commercial real estate in particular. The cause is not only insolvency and business tasks, but also crisis-related adaptation measures in companies. You will certainly have seen from the press how many retail chains are currently reducing the number of their locations. The staff reductions announced by many companies will also provide free office space. In addition, there is an increasing supply of foreign real estate investors who are separating from properties in Germany because of travel restrictions or other reasons. So the losers of the Corona crisis are quickly found, but who are the winners? One winner is the real estate investor, who secures the right properties with the right strategy from the current large offer.

As a real estate investor, you can register your purchase profile with us!
If you limit yourself to searching for published listings, you will miss out on many interesting objects. Especially in times of crisis, many property owners choose to sell their properties discreetly as off-market properties. We are one of the leading providers in the field of off-market real estate and can certainly provide you with the right properties for your investment strategy. It is best to immediately enter your purchase profile to us leave the search to us!

You should also become active as a broker or broker now
If you are a real estate agent or broker in retail banking, you should also be prepared for the changed real estate market. Private property purchases are made more difficult by the tightened criteria of lending, and many planned purchases will therefore be postponed or abandoned altogether. In addition, housing associations are also directly affected by the Corona crisis due to rent losses. Many will therefore put all costs to the test. This includes brokerage costs, provided that the search for suitable tenants has so far been commissioned externally.

The booming market segment in the real estate market is currently the brokerage of investment properties to real estate investors for real estate agents. On your own, you will not succeed in moving into this area. Real estate investors are looking for suitable properties nationwide or even internationally, while the broker is typically more regionally limited in retail banking. As an investment broker, you need a wide-spread partner network that gives you access to numerous properties and a verified customer base. That’s what we offer you! Our Franchise gives you the chance to be part of it as a professional broker when the real estate market reorders the Corona Pandemic.